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As winter approaches and temperatures drop, the idea of heading outdoors for a run might seem daunting. However, with the right approach and gear, not only can you maintain your training routine, but you might even find a new appreciation for winter workouts.

Sara Dettore, a seasoned runner from Maine, shares her invaluable insights on how to dress for cold-weather running, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable throughout your workout.

Sara's Top Tips for Cold-Weather Running:

  1. Start with a Moisture-Wicking Base Layer: Opt for form-fitting base layers that effectively wick away sweat, both for your top and bottom. This foundational layer is crucial for regulating body temperature.

  2. Consider Tights for Bottoms: In most cases, a pair of tights provides sufficient insulation. Reserve the addition of a windbreak layer for temperatures below 20F (-6C).

  3. Layer Up on Top: Begin with a warm or fleece layer on top. Depending on factors like wind strength and precipitation, consider adding a third windbreak layer for extra protection.

  4. Head Gear: Adapt your headwear based on the severity of the cold. Ear-warming headbands and lightweight knit caps are versatile options for maintaining heat.

  5. Convertible Mitten Gloves: Invest in gloves with a convertible mitten design. This allows you to adjust insulation levels on the go, ensuring optimal comfort.

  6. Embrace the Chill: A helpful rule of thumb is to start your run feeling slightly cold. Your body will naturally warm up as you progress, preventing overheating.

  7. Maintain a Weather Log: Keep track of weather conditions, temperatures, and your clothing choices for each run. Over time, this log will serve as a valuable reference, enabling you to fine-tune your attire for varying conditions.

  8. Reward Yourself: Plan your route to conclude near a spot where you can treat yourself to a hot beverage like a comforting hot chocolate. It's a satisfying way to cap off a chilly run.

Armed with these expert tips from seasoned runner Sara Dettore, you can confidently tackle winter running. By strategically layering clothing and embracing the initial cold, you'll ensure a comfortable and enjoyable workout, no matter how low the temperatures plummet. So, what are your go-to strategies for staying warm during winter runs? Share your tips and keep the winter running community thriving!

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