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As we cross the starting line and our community grows, we want to make sure we keep our perspective on the past, present and future of the brand and as such would like to introduce some new friends to some old friends as we move forward on this exciting journey.

GFTC Gold Finger Track Club


Here's to our New York Cousins over at GFTC, Running Brooklyn since 2016. Find out more about their projects and the Founder right here.

DREW REYNOLDS Photographer/Runner

@drew reynolds_photo

Drew has been a key asset to building new relationships across the pond and has captured the brands ID with his photographic style. More Drew Reynolds.

Nii Model/Runner


Nii is set to compete in the 2021 New York Marathon. His desire to push himself in running felt like he embodied our brand values. Read More

PING ZHU Artist/Illustrator/Runner


LA native turned Brooklyn resident Ping Zhu (featured Right) Is an Artist/Illustrator known for her frequent work with the New York Times and other reputable publications. More Ping Zhu.

ZANDY MANGOLD Photographer/Coach /UltraRunner


New York, Professional Photographer, Ultra Runner and Coach, Zandy Mangold shared parts of his interesting world in our upcoming article 'The Man Who Runs the World' Subscribe to be notified.

TSP DIY Ultra Relay/Event


TSP DIY is a global, decentralized ultra-relay with thousands of participants from more than 45 countries. Teams and solo runners have 29 hours and 51 minutes to see who can run the farthest. Read More



We Shoot London provide professional Photography and Videography and have been a key part of the F4URCE brand development. Connect

F4URCE Join Our Community

We would like to encourage all of our community to connect with one another; either as a site member, on the F4URCE Forum or via social media. Connect