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Updated: Nov 27, 2021


You’ve done a 5k; you’ve done a 10k; you’ve done a half/full/ultra-marathon — or all 3!

But…Have you raced against the entire world for 29 hours and 51 minutes?

If not, you’ve just found your next ultimate challenge! (And maybe even your next team…)

We’re rambling on about The Speed Project DIY.

Why DIY?

Because — Covid.

The Speed Project DIY (let’s stick to TSP DIY!) kicked off in 2020 — born from the famous LA to Vegas race — aka, The Speed Project, established in 2014.

This grueling US race drags you through Death Valley — one of the hottest deserts in the world.

Lucky for us (we’re trying to keep things upbeat here!), the pandemic forced the TSP organizers to think “out of the country,” — creating a global, decentralized race with (almost) zero rules.

On 4 September 2021, I joined a team for the 2nd TSP DIY — here’s what you need to know:

What’s the aim?

You or your team have 29 hours and 51 minutes to run as far as you can — any route, any location, anywhere in the world.

Why 29 hours and 51 minutes?

Because it’s the standing record for the TSP LA to Vegas race!

And the rules?

Teams run in relay — meaning only 1 runner at a time.

Are there different categories?


· Solo Runner

· OG Team (2 women, 4 men)

· Women’s Team (6 women)

· Freestyle (any amount of runners)

What’s the current record?

The overall winners from the 2021 event were:

Adidas Runners Europe: 473.68KM

How do they track your progress?

TSP DIY keeps teams competitive with a live leaderboard! Simply sync your own tracking device with the Virtual Baton App, and you're ready to run.

When is the next event

Probably September 2022 — but keep your eye on our page for updates!

How do I join the F4URCE team for next year’s race?

Thanks for asking! Drop me an email to get more details:

We’re brewing up some exciting plans for our F4URCE team, so get in touch to book your spot.

From freebies to colossal gear discounts, you’ll be part of the winning team either way!

What makes TSP DIY unique?

TSP’s team has gone to great lengths to make their race a standout event.

Because seriously, how many other races allow team members to compete together, continents apart?

So, yes — you (stuck in the UK) and your bestie in the Bahamas can run this race together!

TSP Fund

If bringing runners together from all over the world didn’t fill your inspiration cup, then the magic of their TSP fund might just tip the scales.

TSP DIY 2020 raised a whopping £65 000 for 6 charity organizations, and their 2021 event supported 4 beneficiaries:

· Hope Work

· Track Girlz

· The Running Charity

· Wings of America

All formidable non-profits forging a path of hope for the youth — through the upliftment that a running community provides.

TSP Makers

If the running part itself didn’t promise enough fun to draw the crowds — the Makers events made sure to fill the gaps!

This exciting addition allows anyone to host an event within an event — essentially creating their own race while still participating in the global TSP competition.

Spoiler alert…F4URCE will be one of these Makers in 2022 — arranging a local community event with our own course, competition, and fun festivities to celebrate the aftermath!

This is your chance to win 2 competitions and be part of something global and local — at the same time. (Sounds like a bucket list type of thing to us!)

What’s next?

Yes, it's a year before we get to tick this amazing race off our list, but…there's a lot to take in and discuss before the challenge begins.

So, let’s dive into the to-do list and get the excitement flowing!

1. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

2. Email to book your spot.

3. Follow us on Instagram.

4. Check out inspiring stories: The Speed Project

5. Find out more details:

Keep an eye out for our next article — sharing our own TSP DIY 2021 story.

Catch up soon!

Darren @ F4URCE

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