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Updated: Oct 30, 2023


A little bit of love goes a long way and in the current climate that couldn’t be truer! So why not show more compassion, empathy and care towards each other, start by showing us your heart.

Let’s get out there and leave our mark on this world, create your own heart route and share it with us and the running community by posting on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the #ONELOVE.

Let’s see how many hearts we can carve on the world. Spread the word to friends and family encouraging them to take part. We welcome runners, walkers and cyclists of all abilities. Let’s make a little bit of art go a long way...

Exercise is without doubt one of the best ways to explore your local area, helping you see something unexpected and if you get out early enough, you may have the city to yourself.

How do we ensure our hearts don’t look like bums? we don't!! Please post your failed attempts too, you might not be sharing your heart but if you can share a giggle it's just as good.

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