Functional utility running tights and shorts combo with built in waist belt for carrying everything you need when you run.



I know what you’re thinking £169! I get it. In the past I’ve been exactly the same. I see something I really like but decide it’s too expensive then opt for something cheaper,  which I’ll use for a while then discard when it becomes worn out or loses it’s shape.

Do you know what I do next? I go out and buy another one, similar spec, similar price and again end up discarding it...and so the cycle continues until I realise I’ve spent a  small fortune on several products that I’ve never been entirely satisfied with and again I’ve made another personal contribution to damaging the environment.

Yet I willingly do it simply because it falls within a price point that I’m happy to ‘write-off’. And you know what that really isn’t a good enough reason. So in this particular Premium vs Budget debate I say skip budget and go straight to premium. They’ll look better, feel better and last way longer.


Being new to this market we knew that it would be important to choose the right partners to launch F4URCE. We are very fortunate to have aligned ourselves with an experienced professional sportswear designer with 23 years experience of designing apparel for industry leading brands.


We have also formed a close relationship with our Lithuanian factory who in turn have helped us source premium quality fabrics from Italian and Spanish mills. Working with such experienced and committed partners has allowed us to create the F4URCE Ultra to exacting standards. 

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