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Functional utility running tights and shorts combo with built in waist belt for carrying everything you need when you run.



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Last updated 10/05/2021



Functional, versatile fashion forward running tights designed to protect your modesty on those long runs.

There is a real lack of options for those who wish to wear full length tights and not reveal too much of themselves around the groin area. This is one of the principal reasons why we designed the F4URCE Ultra: the most functional, and fashion-forward running tights on the market, that simultaneously manage to preserve your modesty.

Functional Running Tights and Shorts Combo, Made For Performance


High spec running leggings in technical

fabric. Featuring hidden side pockets

incorporate within panelling, subtle self

colour print design and reflective strips

at the ankle cuff.

Ergonomics shorts with bonded seams,

premium breathable wickable fabric,

plus film dots for easy attachment of 

your race number.


  • UV Protection

  • Hydrophilic

  • Anti odour

  • Non See through

  • 4 - Way Stretch

  • Abrasion



Belt Module - Premium fit running belt featuring bonded seams, elastic attachment for carrying the (included)  

F4URCE silicone water bottle. It also has five envelope covered pocket  openings which can be used for carrying, anything from your keys and  coins to dog poop bags.



Shorts Module - Ergonomic short style, designed for running. It has bonded seams, is made from premium breathable, wickable fabric, and has bonded film dots for easy attachment of race number.



Leggings Module - High spec running leggings in technical fabric. Featuring hidden side pockets incorporated  within panelling. Also has subtle self-colour print design and  reflective strips at ankle cuff.



Every Day Carry Bag & Extras - The product is packaged in a reusable Everyday Carry bag featuring zipped  security pouch, key holder, D-loops and elastic stow loops for keeping your essentials safe.



Also Included  - Silicone F4URCE water bottle, water resistant ziplock pouch to be used within the multiple element proof pockets to keep valuables safe



Hydrophilic - This allow the fabric to  breathe, releasing sweat through the microscopic membrane, so the wearer will not become wet or cold as they cool down.



Anti odour - Silver ions embedded in the fabric eliminate odour-producing bacteria, keeping the fabric odour free even after an intense workout.


UV Protection - The UPF rating for a garment indicates how effective the fabric is at blocking out solar ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin.This garment has a  protective rating of 50+.



Non See-through - The high-quality material used in these leggings is made from a dense weave making them squat-proof. It also ensures complete modesty from waist to ankle.



4-Way Stretch Fabric - 4-way stretch offers benefits across the fabric and lengthwise allowing greater freedom of motion and improved durability of your garment.



Abrasion Resistant/Anti Chaffing -  Fabric-on-skin rubbing is an uncomfortable sensation and can be caused by loose-fitting clothing and non-breathable fabric. As the F4URCE ULTRA boast both 4-way stretch fabric and hydrophilic properties, chaffing is  a thing of the past.

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