Functional utility running tights and shorts combo with built in waist belt for carrying everything you need when you run.



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Our commitment to our environment is at the forefront of our agenda, we ensure that all of our sustainable materials are sourced responsibly.

Long-lasting design

We set out to make the best product possible and have been meticulous in picking out the highest quality materials. Our design and manufacturing process have enabled us to create a premium product which will allow you to push your limits - in confidence.

Reusability and recyclability

All elements of our garment are designed for multiple functions and are made to last. Our packaging is also is re-usable/recyclable.

Sustainable materials

The fabrics used to create the F4URCE 3-in-1 tight meet the bluesign® CRITERIA. Highest degree of safety for the consumer • Manufacturing with lowest possible impact on people and the environment • Responsible use of resources




Environmentally friendly factories

We only work with responsible factories that use safer chemicals in the textile process and that ensure all the chemical inputs that are used in creating clothes meet agreed standards




Sustainable Distribution

Environmental considerations are paramount. We source all our fabric and accessories ethically, and all are made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

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