If you have not yet become a Brand Advocate please go here first to get setup. All Brand Advocates will receive their enrolment email after registration.



Sponsorship Forms can be accessed here online. If you are sharing the online form, please use the following link here. Please request your sponsor add the reference number provided, into the comments section of the form. 


We ask that when fundraising you are respectful to donors and precautious if approaching someone outside of your normal social circle. Please respect the current restrictions in place for your area with regards to Covid 19. The fundraising goal of £200.00 is necessary to participate in the event and qualify for rewards. The fundraising window commences from --/--/-- and concludes on --/--/-- 1 week before the Charity Run.




In a world where cyber crime and data can be stolen, please note our payment gateways and site are robust and offer safe encryption of your private data. To offer peace of mind to sponsors, and to validate the events authenticity we have provided links to the information from our nominated charity on their official site.


F4URCE will track all participants via a Virtual Event hosted on STRAVA to confirm times and completion of the run.



All participants will be responsible for the gathering and collection of sponsors and proceeds. Once collected donations can be deposited through our secure members platform. F4URCE have committed 30 percent of all proceeds to be donated to our nominated charity xxxxxxxx. Keep updated and subscribe to our social media for the ceremonial cheque donation to Sue Ryder's Peterborough Hospice. 


As listed Brand Advocates will be awarded the all new F4URCE ULTRA 3 in 1's and other goodies. Please allow 30 days from event close to allow for shipping. For any enquiries or to track your awards please contact us here.



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