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Brand Advocates; answer the call, carry the ethos and stay active.

Brand Advocates are welcome to register at any level of fitness and ability. Although we do not set any criteria for this; Brand Advocates must be comfortable with taking part in running challenges as active participants, we would advise conferencing with a health professional if you have any concerns in this regard. You can register here and find out more about upcoming events and challenges.


As we believe in loyalty, Members, Brand Advocates and Moderators will always be our
first priority.

  • Discounts, Early Access to products, Giveaways and Events are all planned for our member pool, at all levels of engagement.

  • Help grow with a new vibrant Community

  • Connect to like-minded people

  • Be part of Brand development from the ground up

  • Learn new skills on a new innovative platform.



We are looking for fun, active, loyal and professionally minded Members for the role of Brand Advocate. As a volunteer role; we are only requesting that you meet what you can offer as a commitment of time, and that you keep good lines of communication with the rest of the team if your schedule changes.

  • Active in offline events & challenges

  • Active online with social media and sharing F4URCE content

  • Positive outlook and professional approach

If you would like to learn more please contact us via email at with the subject title Brand Advocates. Alternatively please drop us a quick message by clicking below.

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